25 Common Sense Truths That You’re No Longer Supposed to Say (29 April 2022) (www.culturcidal.com)

America is turning into such an intolerant, victim-centered, outrage-based, politically correct, that joke isn’t funny, how dare you hold an opposite opinion-centered culture, that a lot of people are afraid to tell you the truth anymore. It’s easier for people to sometimes just keep their heads down and hope that the outrage mob will pick another victim.

But, unfortunately, when people become afraid to speak the truth, common sense can die in the darkness because everyone is caught up in saying what we’re “supposed to” believe instead.

An America that encourages free speech, discourages censorship, and believes in a free exchange of ideas will ALWAYS be superior to the ugly, backward “safe space” of a culture that so many people are trying to create.

With that in mind, here are 25 common-sense truths that you’re no longer supposed to say.



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