Arizona's New AG Taking a Stand Against Saudis Buying Up The State's Land – StatesmanPost (

Arizona is a wealthy state that’s full of opportunities, but it also has a big problem: it’s short on water. This has led to water rationing in some areas and public awareness about the problem. Though large corporations, including some foreign buyers, aren’t very concerned about Arizona’s problem: they just want to make money at the […]



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  1. Quoting from the article:

    “You aren’t permitted to grow alfalfa crops in Saudi Arabia, due to the extremely high water usage they require, so companies like Fondomonte simply come to use American land.

    Alfalfa uses an extremely high amount of water and was prohibited starting five years ago in Saudi Arabia due to the water intensity. Now, large companies like Fondomonte just grow it in other countries around the world and ship it back.

    Its La Paz property is only costing it $100,000 per year, which is peanuts for the company, and it can use as much groundwater as they want. Now, wells are running dry and Arizonans don’t have enough water, but you can’t really blame anything but the overly permissive water laws.”

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