AT&T uses Active Armor to block




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  1. AT&T lost my business years ago when my ex husband and I got stationed overseas. We knew we’d be going overseas in a few months but AT&T told us they that with government orders that are 2 or more years in a place AT&T doesn’t offer service they will cancel the contract no fee. They legally have to. We didn’t have credit at the time either so our deposit for the phone plan was $1000. Once we got to Japan we thought we had canceled our plan with them. They were STILL billing us, then charging us late fees, and even threatened to not give us our deposit back. They argued with us and said that wasn’t their policy. I had to prove to THEM that is was (and I was correct) and even then they said well only your husband is in the military, this doesn’t apply to you. So then they threatened to keep $500 of the deposit for me. But I ripped that lady a new one and asked how it made sense when these are “accompanied orders”. Like why would I not have gone with my husband at the time? It took me 4 months to resolve that issue with AT&T. They truly will NEVER have my business again after the bullshit they put me and my ex through. At&t is soulless.

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