(ATTN: Propaganda Warning) Trump Slump: New Signs Appear Showing The Don’s Popularity Is Waning | The Daily Wire (www.dailywire.com)

This first part reflects my own opinion:

The following is a one-sided, biased, hit piece meant to discourage.  BE CAREFUL where you get your News from.  Note that they quote Rolling Stone in the story as if that is a reputable journalistic source.  HA!  Whatever.  Take with a 5lb. bag of salt…  


Who is the most popular man to ever live?

Why, it’s Donald Trump, of course. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

But in recent days, there’s been some glaring evidence that Trump’s popularity is beginning to wane.

Hours before his Saturday rally in Ohio, the former president took to his own Truth Social platform to boast about his “sold out” show, declaring there would be a “massive crowd” packed into the 7,000-seat Covelli Centre in Youngstown.

“The Pennsylvania Rally was a massive success, ‘packed’ with great American Patriots, and the Ohio Rally, tonight, is a likewise sold out juggernaut – Look at the massive crowds,” Trump said with his characteristically weird capitalization.


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  1. I’ve been to a Trump rally, and the MSM showed pictures of the stands before everyone was even inside. Don’t believe them! The stands fill up nicely when he’s coming on. You just have to sit there for a long time even before some of the warm up speakers.

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