Biden Embraces America's Fiercest Enemies: Whose Side Is He On? (

These members of Congress, [Saudi author Mohammed Al-Saed] implied, either do not know or are conveniently “forgetting” that Iran has been at least as brutal to Americans as Saudi Arabia has.

  • While the gruesome murder of Osama bin Laden’s good friend, Jamal Khashoggi — whose dream was to “establish an Islamic state anywhere” — cannot be ignored, Iran’s regime has created a list of hostile acts against the US at least as long.
  • This simplified list does not even include that Iran is presently supplying Russia with kamikaze drones and trainers as well as missiles to use against the civilians of Ukraine. Just suppose for an instant that Iran possessed nuclear weapons instead?
  • Iran already controls four Middle Eastern countries in addition to its own — Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq — as well as countless terrorist proxies, including Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Since 1979, the Iranian regime has repeated its plan of “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.” And now the Biden administration still wishes it could “reward” Iran with legitimized nuclear weapons, the ballistic missiles to deliver them, and a trillion dollars? How can anyone see that as “fair”?
  • Yet Biden has threatened there will be “consequences” for Saudi Arabia because it declined to help the US enrich and empower its most openly bellicose enemy. How could it? Had Biden offered to drop the new Iran deal, the Saudi answer might well have been different.
  • “Saudi Arabia is just defending its interests and security, which is under threat from Washington’s new allies in Iran.” — Mohammed Al-Saed, Saudi author, Okaz, October 17, 2022.
  • [T]he Biden administration was damaging America’s relations with its historical friends and allies while sending “positive messages” to America’s fiercest enemies and haters. — Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nahhas, Saudi political analyst, Al-Riyadh, October 19, 2022.
  • [T]he Biden administration has preferred to attack Saudi Arabia than deal with the use of Iranian drones by the Russians in Ukraine… Were it not for American and European leniency, especially since the era of Barack Obama, who tried with all naivety to rehabilitate the Iranian regime, Iran would not have interfered in the internal affairs of Europe and four Arab countries (Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen) — Tarik Al-Hamid, former editor-in-chief of the Saudi-owned Asharq Al-Awsat, October 19, 2022.
  • Since Barack Obama admitted erring in his failure to support Iran’s protestors in 2009, however, has US policy changed? Apart from painfully feeble lip-service to the protestors in Iran, Biden and his administration, through their inaction, appear still to be totally committed to their initial alliance with Russia and Iran.
  • Biden and his administration , it appears, would rather align themselves with the mullahs in Iran and the new “Russian-Iranian Axis of Evil,” than strengthen their ties with America’s longstanding partners, the Arabs in the Gulf.
  • The winners: Russia and Iran.


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