Biden: Executive Authority on Gun Control Exhausted, Congress Must Act (

President Joe Biden argued that Congress must enact gun control measures because “the full extent” of his executive authority has been used to quell mass shootings. 

The ONLY reason the totalitarian Bidenistas want more and more gun control . . . so when they send armed FBI & IRS agents to throw you in one of their gulags, YOU won’t be able to defend yourself. The Marxist-Dems are despicable fascists who don’t give a rat’s ass about our children. If they did, they’d pass laws requiring schools to employ the same security measures as airports, jewelry stores and banks.


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  1. Biden is an idiot being led by the nose. This is the fourth Trans shooting and he blames it on the Gun. How about the radical BS from mentally disturbed Trans Group actors. Biden and his crew of perverts use anything to push their agenda.

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