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President Joe “Multiple Gaffes” Biden may well have played into the hands of Communist China and its state-backed tech companies. This is because of a clause in the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, national security experts have warned. ‘Shocking’ Traversing of the Law The expert warnings point out the trillion-dollar Inflation Reduction Act contains provisions for […]

The expert warnings point out the trillion-dollar Inflation Reduction Act contains provisions for electric vehicle subsidies funded with American taxpayer dollars. This could now be easily exploited by companies backed by the Chinese Communist Party, Fox News reported.

The warnings have come after Ford, America’s second-biggest car producer, announced last week a partnership with Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), a massive Chinese tech corporation backed by the Communist Party.



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  1. Quoting from the article:

    “He emphasized America just had the episode with the Chinese spy balloon, which “traversed” the entire continental United States, violating its sovereignty. Against that backdrop, Ford decided it would be a great idea to partner with America’s “adversary” and “leading competitor.”

    O’Brien noted the worst part may be precisely the fact that Ford and CATL seemed to be trying to exploit a “loophole” in the IRA, which would enrich the Chinese corporation with American taxpayer dollars.”

  2. Quoting from the article:

    “As part of the partnership, Ford and CATL plan to build a new factor for EV batteries in Michigan. The deal, however, would allow the Chinese company to get subsidized by the American taxpayer, even though the IRA’s subsidies were theoretically supposed to boost America’s domestic supply chains.

    According to Robert O’Brien, former President Trump’s National Security Advisor in 2019-2021, Ford’s dealings with the CCP-backed corporation are “shocking.””

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