Biden's WWIII: US Military Forces 'Fully Prepared' to Cross into Ukraine – Geller Report (

The Army’s 101st Airborne Division, which boasts the “Screaming Eagles” moniker, has been deployed to Europe for the first time since World War II. What in Gd’s name are our boys and girls doing risking their lives over there? For the Biden crime family’s money laundering racket? This is madness. Biden can’t just declare war like some megalomaniacal dictator. This must go to Congress first.


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    • Screw Nato !!! Screw Zelenski the NWO plant and his money laundering scam making he and the corrupt biden family mega millionaires or possibly even billionaires. All at the expense of the American tax payer. Its pathetic and yes why not send these great warriors to protect our souther border instead of starting a ww3..

    • Thank you for truth! More people need to step up like you to call him the minds of people who are being told misinformation. So I don’t trust Biden and I don’t like him I don’t agree when people put out things to use as a scare tactic on innocent civilians that don’t know what’s going on.

      • So can wee “tock” ere? Truth…huh, truth they say? Want a prediction, well how about this, the big show at the end is not going to be Christian against Muslim thankfully, but it will be a shyte show! How’s about socialist against communist? ie: leftist (neo-con, neo-lib) totalitarian NWO scummy “crony capitalist” socialist pigs against the hard leftie (no crony-cap-crap allowed….AT ALL justin) commies! I’m sure you’re smart enough not to bet me now, (as I’ve asked for quite some time now for a sucker with no response lol), but if you cannot see the writing on the wall or understand the hieroglyphics….ur braindead!

        The world’s being set up for the mass chaotic insurrection starting with everything being societally turned upside fracking down! And from there….pick a side cause capitalism, freedom, peace and liberty will be toast! If you think the commies are just going to let it ride and allow the 17 crony cap companies (that exist as it will all have been M&A’d down to a socialist easily controlled minimum at that point) to command the majority of the world’s wealth….also braindead!….oh and did I mention hang the frac on!

  1. Once again this Jackal without a brain thinks he’s something that he’s NOT! No president of the United States of America can Willynilly send our Military forces Into a War WITHOUT it going to Congress for Congressional Votes, and I doubt very seriously our Congress would Ever vote to do.

    So…a word to the wise to all congressmen & women, if you want to keep your seat in Our Congress, DO NOT VOTE for war!

  2. There won’t be a nuclear war. This isn’t even the real Biden and he isn’t in charge of the military- DJT is still POTUS and controls all of the military. This is all fear porn as usual from the cabal.

  3. Biden and his idiot Administration have done so much by Executive Decree that “They” are positive No-One is paying Any Attention anymore to the Constitution. This Must Stop Immediately!

  4. Biden hasn’t listened to the high court, what makes you think he would get permission to go to war to the courts. Democrats do what they want, they don’t believe in the rule of law anymore.they do what ever they want and seem to get away with it. Discussing people.

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