Black Woman Racially Insults Asian Restaurant Owner, Asian Man Tosses Drink At Her, She Comes Back With The Black Panthers To Threaten And Intimidate (

This was the blood-boiling situation at Crab Du Jour on 4638 S. 76th Street in Wisconsin as a woman racially abused the Asian owner and got a drink tossed in her face. The woman, identified as Mariah Luckett, then went and got the local chapter of the Black Panthers to march into the establishment and threaten the Asian owner. The big loudmouth who is pledging to shut the business down is Darryl King Rick Farmer II. Farmer II told Jason Diong, the owner that he and the Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee want Diong to be arrested and charged with assault and battery. Farmer II is also pushing for the Crab Du Jour in Greenfield to close down for disrespecting Black ‘queen’ while eating at the restaurant.



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