Blinken Publicly Praises Nordstream Attack…

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 on Twitter: “Tony Blinken is publicly praising the attack on Nordstream / Twitter”

Tony Blinken is publicly praising the attack on Nordstream



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  1. This moron Blinken should be impeached, because he is the weakest and the most incompetent Secretary of State America has ever had in office. His behavior indicates he is looking for a place to start a war, which could be on American soil.

    • Amen! What a wonderful glorious day that will be. This bickering amongst nationalities has got to stop though in these times. What difference does it make whether Jew or Gentile or any different nationality? We are all created by God and we are all the same under our skin. So let’s stop pointing the finger of judgement and just wait until the one responsible is exposed, and he will be, because you can’t hide from God.

  2. It seems only appropriate an incompetent, cognitively limited POTUS would surround himself with like politicians to tarnish this countries world standing and respect. We need to get rid of them all via voices made at the mid-terms.

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