“Chatter Has Already Reached Top Levels”: Is Cackling Kamala Going to be Booted from the 2024 Ticket? [VIDEO] (genzconservative.com)

HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” host Bill Maher recently implored Democrats to remove VP Kamala Harris from the Democrat’s 2024 ticket, saying that such a



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  1. She is doing her job. She was put there knowing not only did she have the right skin color and gender but was so bad and so unpopular that the senile Biden would be left in place for Obama to use as a puppet.

    Why do you think McConnell won’t push for Biden to be bumped as a senile fool that can’t remember his last bowl of ice cream? Because he wants what Obama is doing, and Cackles is his handy excuse.

  2. Nailed McColon…an Obamanite, because he won’t mess with McColon and the Missus’ CCP nest egg from her father’s CCP ship building industry. The duo gets EVERY bit of revenue from any deliveries to the US on one of Daddy’s ships. POTUS Trump cut into their revenue when he stopped all shipping deliveries from China.

  3. How thrilled slick Willie brown must be to have gained the eternal reputation for elevating Harris from her long held prone position, to that of poster child for the infamous Peter Principle. Well done Willie the wonka

  4. If they boot her, Nasty is next in line and she would run over Hilary before she would allow her to that job away from her. Anyone of the people who is in line for the job is as bad as the one before them. None of them would do anything to aid Americans, only themselves.

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