College Professor: Despite Campus Obsession With ‘Safe Spaces,’ Students Are Writing About Violent Fantasies, Suicide | The Daily Wire (

While college campuses are obsessing over “safe spaces” and diversity, equity, and inclusion, one professor noticed that students are becoming less happy and much angrier.

Mary Gaitskill, a novelist who teaches creative writing courses as a visiting professor at several universities, made the observations in an article for the Chronicle of Higher Education. Gaitskill said that despite constant efforts to make campuses “safe,” students in her classes, especially white males, are writing violent and degenerate fantasies, and many students have spent time in mental institutions.

“Anyone who isn’t living in off-grid isolation is aware of the tireless efforts by hyperconscious campus administrations to create classrooms where everyone feels safe and as few people as possible will be made ‘uncomfortable,’ let alone unhappy,” Gaitskill wrote, citing “trigger warnings” and training modules about rape and sexual harassment as examples. The college she wrote about doubled down on these practices: including fewer white male authors on syllabi, more training modules, more anti-racist teacher trainings, and more language rules.



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