Croatian Parliamentarian slams World Health Organization as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION (

A Member of the European Parliament publicly declared that the World Health Organization (WHO) is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. At a press conference with Dr. Robert Malone and other politicians, Croatian Parliamentarian Mislav Kolakuši? slammed the WHO and called out the organization’s dangerous lies during the ongoing covid-19 scandal.

After misleading the world on covid-19 origins, lockdowns, testing, treatments, and vaccines, WHO is arrogantly pushing its 194 member countries to sign a new agreement that binds the formerly sovereign nations to WHO’s false authority and their ever-expanding, bio-security surveillance state. This new agreement would give the unelected body of liars the sole authority to declare future pandemics, lock populations down, separate families, and mass distribute so-called vaccines and other drugs, without informed consent.

Croatian Parliamentarian defies WHO, calls out their lies

Croatian Parliamentarian Mislav Kolakuši? lambasted the WHO: “I would like to briefly make the people aware of the upcoming danger for humanity,” said Kolakusic. “The World Health Organization wants all countries to sign an agreement on handing over the authority to declare a pandemic, procure vaccines, and drugs. It will be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Colombian drug cartel. They know all about drugs for sure.”

Kolakusic accused WHO of disseminating lies at every stage of the covid-19 scandal. He said the organization misled the public by initially declaring the SARS-CoV-2 a “new and unknown” virus. He said WHO falsely asserted the efficacy of vaccines and made misleading statements about their ability to stop the spread and protect against serious illness and death.


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