Dan triggered enough to grab Alex's phone when being called a looser says he's weak and thus more likely to be corrupted by globalist influence.

Heated Exchange with Congressman Dan Crenshaw ends with Capitol Police Investigation

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There is alot we can learn from the first 5 seconds of this video.

Dan being triggered enough to grab at Alex’s phone when being called him a looser says it all. The Congressman is revealing how thin his skin is, and  how sensitive he is to the idea of being a looser. He is, in fact a soar looser. This isn’t good because soar losers hate loosing so much that they will often do anything in their power to ensure they dont loose, or ever feel like a looser. It is presumable that they therefore may have a higher chance of resorting to dishonest, immoral, or even malevolent behaviors; in this case, selling out to Globalist influence.

Brave and direct criticism of bureaucrats with a voting record that contradicts their official American First positions is EXACTLY what we need right now in the Republican Party. I recently heard a credible report that that the Republican Party in Texas is now approx. 75% America First and anti-globalist, the Congressman not included. 



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