Democrats and Globalists Want to Put You in the Morgue.


Chief Justice

Written by Chickie Fillette

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  1. They have two objectives in their quest to create a totally Democrat society. 1. Kill us off with weaponized viruses and alleged vaccines that do not vaccinate. 2. Destroy our border and overrun the country with illegal immigrant drug dealers and terrorists so they can give them the right to vote and destroy our Constitution. If we allow this, we have only ourselves to blame. In November, we MUST vote every Democrat out of office and impeach Biden, Harris, Merrick Garland, and Chris Wray. If we do not, we never again have a government Of, By, and For The People.

    • I agree with the sentiment; however the rigged election of 2020 was NEVER corrected. What makes you think 2022 will be any different? Are you prepared to go to war with the Marxists after this election is over?
      The Biden Cartel have been bringing in our replacements over the border, and even by air since the day they stole the White House. Our country is no longer ours. They have already destroyed the Constitution. These people have planned the take down of the United States of America for decades.
      Prepare yourself for what is coming. I for one am looking for the return of Jesus Christ.

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