Democrats Demand White House Declare Pregnancies a Public Health Crisis (

Around the Web – Original Source: Mandated abortions could be a thing if the Democrat Task Force for Reproductive


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    • One of the many reasons Why I support secession.

      It negates all legal responsibilities to federal debts for states that do it.

      Without the debt weighing us down we will have an economy that grows exponentially.

      Which will encourage population growth.

      All while the leftist states collapse like Weimar Germany.

    • Worse than that, Sodi. Babies are dying in the womb and soon after birth at an alarming 20+ over last year’s rate – all statistically related to the covid jabs. But I agree with you. Two of my healthy kids decided against kids – just so they could enjoy “their lives”. Part of “their lives” unfortunately won’t include grandkids.

  1. Clearly, these people need to get a life, instead of attempting to inflict their insanity and leftist craziness on the entire country. The public health crisis is the fentanyl coming across our border, the child trafficking, the side effects and deaths of the mandated vaccines, the control of our pharmacies by the likes of Gates and other oligarchs who make money off other’s suffering, the mentally ill that are thrown into the street while a criminal president sends hundereds of billions to start a war to cover for his crime family.

  2. Schumer goes on TV and says we need the illegals to increase population but then these dumbass Democrats want to murder our children regardless of whether in or out of the womb. Are they totally insane? Do they think we are stupid? Well, of course they do.
    Maybe they could win an elections without cheating and attacking and spying on their citizens if they behaved like normal patriotic Americans that loved their country, it’s people and its Constitution instead of deficating on it on a daily basis.

    I will NEVER vote For a commie/marxist/socialist whether they take away every news channels, they are dead. It will be a totally ingrained reaction to say no to anything they represent.

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