Democrats Urge Biden to Scrap His Stricter Border Policies: Claim ‘Asylum Is a RIGHT’ (

A bicameral group of Democrat lawmakers gathered on Capitol Hill Thursday, to proclaim that asylum is a right. They want President Biden to end Title 42 and rev



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  1. I thought that only Citizens of the USA were guaranteed rights under the Constitution. Another example of the dems using the Constitution as something to wipe their butts with except when they hide behind it when things don’t go their way.

  2. Republican Maria Salazar is pushing for 15 million illegal aliens to be granted amnesty. Amnesty is the pardon for people who have entered the country illegally. Is this any worse? The Republicans are the Democrats and vice versa. They’re just different styles of the same traitorous philosophy of destroying the US (aka white people) and reforming it to their “vision.”

  3. Each member of the three branches of government take an oath of office after they are ELECTED, by the people. They pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States – for we, the people. NONE of them have the power or the authority to allow rights to people who come to this country illegally. That power and authority is held by we, the people. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!
    IMPEACH them. Re-elect people who will honor their oath of office. All of them will face their Maker after breaking a vow. Impeach them.

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