Devon Archer’s Attorney Drops Bomb After DOJ Intimidated Client Hours Before Biden Testimony (

While speaking on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning, Rep. James Comer made some intriguing announcements.Within the discussion, Bartiromo displayed a letter the DOJ had addressed to the magistrate overseeing Devon Archer’s criminal case. It asked for a deadline for his surrender so he could go to prison.Comer and Bartiromo immediately brought out the peculiar timing since Archer is scheduled to testify before House investigators on Monday (today).Here’s the transcript of their discussion:Bartiromo: By …



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  1. The Department of Justice canNOT – – stop FENTANYL & COCAINE from entering the country during week after week for years – – – canNOT stop CHILD TRAFFICKING – – – NOR can it catch PEDOPHILES and PEDOVORES – – – even when they have the LIST from JEFFREY EPSTEIN – – – after weeks and weeks – years even – – – canNOT stop a bunch of skinny little thugs from DERAILING TRAINS – – – from BURNING FOOD FACILITIES – – – HACKING VOTING MACHINES – – – SEXUALLY GROOMING CHILDREN in PUBLIC SCHOOLS – – – find a DRUG USER in the camera-blanketed WHITE HOUSE – – – stop MILLIONS of FELONS from coming in through our BORDERS – – – canNOT stop the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH (NIH) and NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGIES and INFECTOUS DISEASES (NIAID) from DEMOCIDE – – – canNOT stop the CCP from totally INFILTRATING – EVERY – SINGLE – INSTITUTION in our COUNTRY.

    But LOOK at WHAT they CAN do to NTERFERE with JUSTICE on the SABATH when they are protecting a DRUG ADDICT & PEDOPHILE & FELON-with-a-GUN belonging to the CORRUPT resident BIDEN who is scheduled to get his just rewards in court.

    If THIS is NOT WEAPONIZATION of the DOJ, please tell me what IS?

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