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The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a supposedly non-partisan group that helps states keep voting rolls up to date. Recently, however, there’s been some controversy. Missouri, West Virginia, and Florida just recently banned using ERIC for their state elections. These red states have begun accusing the group of being biased in favor of the left.

ERIC has turned down doing a standard investigation into voter fraud which occurred in various states who are members. It has also allowed left-wing founder David Becker to remain on its governing board.

While it’s true that Becker gets no vote on the board, the idea he has no influence on the priorities of ERIC and what it does is absurd. At the very least, states have a right to ask questions about just how impartial ERIC is.

Does it really just impartially check voter rolls to make sure they’re accurate when people die or move out of state? Or is it more of a low-key effort to get more likely Democrats registered to vote? It’s looking a lot like option two.



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  1. Quoting from the article:

    “ERIC works alongside another Becker-founded group called the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), which gives states material to send out to unregistered voters and get them to sign up.

    During the 2020 election, CEIR got vast amounts of money from leftist Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. This money helped CEIR sign up millions of Democrats across the country, favoring get out the vote in left-leaning areas.

    What a coincidence!”

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