Don’t BecFooled. Ron DeSantis Is a Bush Cheney Republican (

But what if we centered DeSantis in Guantánamo, Iraq and the war on terrorism rather than the fever house of the MAGA Republican Party, a place that may not be a natural fit for the Yale- and Harvard-educated lawyer? What if we treated DeSantis not as a creature of the Trump years but as a product of the Bush ones? How, then, would we understand his position in the Republican Party?


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  1. Follow the big money going into running DeSantis against President Trump, and it leads right back to the RINO establishment and their warmongering allies enough said. They would rather lose another election by splitting the Republican vote in their zeal to get rid of the outsider that is taking away the voters that the DC Establishment has been using to keep their good ol’ Boy party going.

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