ESCAPE FROM SINGLE MOM NATION: The Effects of the American "Single Mom" Culture on Our Once Great Country – DC Clothesline (

I have been a political writer for over 10 years now. Most of my writings are news and politics. Why? That’s my job, of course. But today I want to tackle something more personal. Yes I will back it up with statistics but you need to understand that I am going through this exact situation …



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  1. The inbred natural hostility of woman has been greenlighted by the American government for a long time now.
    Equality is a bullshit proposal.
    Equality has led us here to this level of depravity.
    The govt has sided with Eve over Adam and Adam has been forced apple-pilled.
    Satan won this round.
    Those that assisted him in a victory over God Almighty will pay for their treachery,
    Rino’s.and lefties alike.
    But it doesn’t help the rest of us suffering in a broken caste system, as a man I spend too much time shopping cooking and doing my wash.
    And the females region are tattooed freaks looking to sex other females.
    So how has sufferage helped our society?

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