Europeans increasingly burning trees for energy after green policies, Russian war, leave countries hobbled (

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European nations’ consumption of biomass energy such as wood is increasing amid an energy crisis sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the bloc’s push for green energy.

European consumers and businesses are increasingly turning to biomass energy sources, including wood-derived fuels for heating and cooling, as the energy crisis continues to wreak havoc across the continent.

The shift to biomass energy, which already accounts for the majority of renewable energy generated in the European Union (EU), has come as the Ukraine crisis disrupts energy supplies and alternate forms of energy production fall short, according to Bioenergy Europe, a leading industry group based in Belgium. 

The group said Europe’s biomass energy is largely sourced domestically while fossil fuels and green energy technologies are mainly imported.

Amid the crisis, Europeans have been forced to take drastic measures to conserve energy and keep bills low while governments have imposed rationing rules and introduced relief programs.


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