Experts say Worst Crime and Poverty in US History – Data and Government Sources (

Sometimes brutal honesty is required to convey the hard truth. Fortunately, great researchers are able to dig deep and find the economic data to provide a broad view of our economy and security.  At present, we have the worst Crime and Poverty in US History.

Here is the science and math that show the total and complete failure of economic and law enforcement policy in this nation in 2021 and 2022. Brace yourself for the worst economic and crime data that most of us have ever seen in our lives:

Read Newsmax: Comm’r Dr. Jur George Mentz: Crime, Poverty Reach Horrifying Levels in US |

 George Mentz JD MBA CILS is a CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ®, global speaker – educator, tax-economist, international lawyer and CEO of the GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management ®. The GAFM is an ESQ EU accredited graduate body that offers certification training in 150+ nations under ISO 21001 and ISO 9001 standards. Mentz is also an award winning author and graduate law professor of wealth management in the USA. Mentz is a internationally known wealth management influencer coming in at #2 in the world.  Mentz has a JD, MBA, and teaches wealth management and financial planning for one of the world’s top law schools.

Read Newsmax: George Mentz: Crime, Poverty Reach Horrifying Levels in US |

George Mentz: Inflation Slamming Working-Class Families, Students

George Mentz: Economics 101-Welcome to the Recession of 2022

Jul 29, 2022

The economy officially fell into a recession this week, according to government and economic rules defining recession. When we think of recession, it is a good exercise to analyze the top 10 contributing factors that created the financial slump and collapse of 2022.

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