Fact Check: Pete Buttigieg Blames Trump for Ohio Train Disaster Cites 2018 Rule Change that Didn’t Affect Train (www.breitbart.com)

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is blaming former President Donald Trump for the train disaster in East Palestine, Ohio.


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    • YES 👍👏👏👏I agree with you 150%
      Hope and pray that this nuisance will be soon over, and WE the PEOPLE will make this ADMN, accountable for crimes, treasons, laying to American people, steeling the elections , allowing criminals to enter our GREAT Country by OPEN boarders , defunding police, cutting down Law and Order in our cities, raising taxes so they can get richer and richer, and so….on😡👿

  1. He’s a reflection of Obongo’s stolen 3rd term through the virtually brain dead White House “Resident” in power. What you get when the main requirement for the job is you be a pervert.

  2. That’s what the democrats do. They were told if anything, I mean anything happens to blame Trump. People you starting to see this pattern? How would you feel if everyone blamed you for everything? Called bullying. Look at schools..bullying, transitioning…kids. Porn children books in libraries…this isn’t Trump…never was..all democrats. No morals.

  3. Buttchecker, is the most comical demo idiot. He’s a runner, a denier a treasoner and a breast feeder.. he is a puppet and is dumber than shit. We need to put him out to pastor in Ohio, so he can go breath the chemicals and drink the water..

  4. Pete Buttpumper is a low life uneducated pos who couldn’t distinguish his asshole from a hole in the wall. He needs to go back and be a mommy for his/her children and focus on learning how men can breast feed. What a joker he has been to our transportation department for the last two years. Can anyone tell me the last time we have had this much chaos in our transportation department.?? What a failure at everything this administration has been involved in.

  5. Jennifer Homendy, Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board announced on 2/16 that the comment on Trump being responsible for the train derailment was misinformation. She tweeted this. “It only applied to trains that were classified as high-hazard flammable’ trains; the train in East Palestine was not one. The bill referred to in Buttigieg’s comments was withdrawn in 2018 as it conflicted w a bill done in 2015.” Breitbart 2/16 by Alana Mastranangelo.

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