Fat Is the New Black (patriotpost.us)

Fatness, according to its body positive adherents, is just as distinct an identity as race and gender and should be included in DEIs.

The after-holiday push to get more healthy is, however, apparently deeply triggering for “anti-fatphobia” activists. They are upset that their coworkers, family, and friends are working out and eating more healthily. They see other people’s choice to get healthy as fatphobia (after all, people only work out so they don’t look fat, right?). To them, it is a personal comment on their own weight, and there should be rules against fat-shaming, especially at work.

To the “anti-fatphobic” proponents, this race to the treadmill is just as harmful as saying that you enjoy listening to rap in the presence of a black individual. In other words, your fit privilege is showing.


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