FBI Agents Release Video On Lindell Raid!!!



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  1. I love it and Mike Lindell should find a way to work the raid into his real commercials.

    “Audit looming? Worried about a raid over your last social media post? Don’t let life rob you of your needed sleep. Get comfortable and get sleep with a myPillow. Let the patented foam soak the worries from your head by cradling it in comfort. It will be the best nights sleep that you’ve ever had.”

    • JLo2112… this comment NEEDS TO GO VIRAL and into the hands of Mike Lindell. I have to be honest, I friggen laughed so hard reading it, I peed alittle 🤭
      IT IS BRILLIANT!!!! I’m sharing everywhere and you will get the credit of course 🤗

  2. They should take that video and put it on America’s funniest videos rarely watch the show but at least it would spread the word to all the freaking lefties out there of what’s going on and expose all the corruption you can’t be that left that you have to be that stupid because someday it can happen to you

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