France Unveils Its Climate Plan for Greenhouse Gas (

The National Council for Ecological Transition chaired by French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Monday, May 22nd, aimed to outline France’s roadmap for reducing ‘greenhouse’ gases by 2030, in order to comply with its European commitments. 

The government intends to remobilise public opinion—particularly that of young people, who are very sensitive to climate issues—after the controversial vote on the pension reform. 

In terms of reaching its goal, there is a long way to go: for the moment, the level of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has only reached 25%. The objective is to reach 55% by 2030, albeit France has set itself a rather modest target compared to its German neighbour, which hopes to reach 65% by the same deadline.

The Council of State recently handed down a ruling designed to hold the French government to account, judging its efforts in the ecological field to be insufficient. The court had been asked in 2022 by local authorities to check whether the government was taking the necessary measures to comply with the Paris Agreement and European commitments. One year later, the Council of State found that “while additional measures have been taken and reflect the Government’s willingness to implement the decision, there is still no sufficiently credible guarantee that the greenhouse gas emission reduction trajectory can be effectively met.”

In order to accelerate the ecological transition, Elisabeth Borne highlighted the necessary distribution of the effort between the state, individuals, and companies: “In total, half of the effort will be made by companies, particularly large companies, a quarter by the State and local authorities, and the last quarter by households.” 


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