German authorities carry out nationwide raids against “nutty” climate activist group involved in criminal activities (

 German police recently carried out a series of raids across seven states related to their probe into climate protesters accused of criminal activity.

More than a dozen properties that are linked to the climate activist group known as Last Generation were raided by police, who seized assets and bank accounts as they investigate the group’s finances.

Munich prosecutors are leading the investigation, which is focused on seven individuals aged 22 to 38 suspected of supporting or forming a criminal organization. A separate investigation was launched last year into actions taken by climate protesters against an Eastern Germany oil refinery. The group is also being investigated for trying to disrupt flights at the Berlin airport and an attack on a $110 million Monet painting at a Potsdam museum using mashed potatoes.

The individuals who are the subject of the investigation have been accused of being part of a campaign to finance criminal offenses; they reportedly collected at least $1.5 million for their cause. In addition, two of those being investigated are suspected of attempting to sabotage an oil pipeline running from Bavaria to Trieste in Italy last year.

As part of the searches, investigators are reportedly looking to obtain evidence related to the group’s membership structure and finances.


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