Gross and fucked up in the head Transgender High School Teacher Wears Massive Set of Fake Boobs to School in Front of Young Students (

A video of a Canadian transgender high school teacher who is fucked up in the head has gone viral after he wears  massive fake titties and short shorts in front of very young students. In the video, the fucked up teacher can be seen teaching his students on how to operate a circular saw while wearing very huge titties. The nipples of the fake breasts can be…



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  1. You don’t have to listen to me ’cause I’m nobody, but if you want to, you could consider using different words in this article that are not cuss words.
    While I agree with you, I thought you might consider your audience (people who read these stories – like me). It is more effective when we can share these stories with our family and friends who don’t use the salty sailor vocabulary. Thanks for posting this Tina. You’re doing great.

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