How I Was Made Into an MKULTRA By The Satanic Cabal

MKULTRA is a Military Acronym meaning:

Manufactured Killer Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Required in Assassinations

This is basically a Criminal and these slaves are used in the Netherworld of Illicit Businesses such as Dope, Inc. (LaRouche wrote about), Gun Smuggling, Prostitution, and Assassinations.  Randy was used for all of these criminal enterprises against his will plus as a Spy and Drug Courier.  Being the CIA managed to Classify and Keep Deep Secret their making children SLAVES and Classifying all the Nefarious information about Tortures and Murders No One Knows About these Clandestine Operations.  Furthermore, These SLAVES are routinely murdered in mass, unmarked Graves.  Since the CIA controls our media no one reports on CIA’s criminal violations of human rights.  It is estimated there are at least 2,000,000 SLAVES in America at this time made and used by the CIA & Deep State (Alphabet Agencies) working for the British.



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