HS Volleyball team barred from locker room due to transgender student (www.dailymail.co.uk)

Members from a Vermont girls high school volleyball team have been banned from using their own locker room after they complained about a transgender teammate.



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  1. This is evil. Somehow it will have to be stopped. It’s hard to believe ALL sane women liberal or conservative are not rising up as this is an assault and affront to womanhood, to femininity.

  2. You can file this under “THE PROGRESSIVE WAR AGAINST WOMEN”

    So in order to play favorites with one kook, the girl’s team will disband. And women will get the hint that they belong at home making babies, not playing sports. Ahhh to be a liberal, its too confusing.

  3. Locker rooms and rest rooms shold no longer be labelled mens and womans rooms..even birth certificates dont have to list gender…are doors should be marked…VAGINA or PENIS…this way all you need to do is look down and know where you belong…irrelevant the you dress orfeel about yourself

  4. There is a simple solution The trannies want exclusivity…. then set them up with their own porta potties to dress and under dress in. Whenthey get home, they can shower in their own shower. That is exclusivity personalized!

  5. In my, not-so-humble opinion, Gender is DETERMINED at the level of truth and fact, at the microscopic level of the chromosomes present at birth, period. The XX chromosome has always, and WILL ALWAYS DETERMINE the FEMALE SEX, whereas the XY chromosome WILL ALWAYS DETERMINE the MALE. There are no amounts of delusional, wishful dreaming, hormone “therapies,” or mutilating surgeries that can truly change an individual’s gender. Perhaps in the next go around. As the soul needs to learn everything, we will all be, and have already been the other, as we all will again. IN THIS LIFE, ONE IS AS THEY ARE BORN, it is most healthy, and I am sure wise, to live this one out as originally intended.

  6. The status of our country is at an all time low. I’m only 51 but in that time I’ve seen our country go to hell. We get Trump in office and finally thought hey were gonna make a comeback and everyone of us who voted for him in 2020 got screwed out of the future of America. That’s just the way I see it.

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