Illegal Electioneering For Democrats Caught in Philadelphia? (WATCH) (

Project Veritas captured shocking footage of a Democrat poll worker illegally electioneering for Senate candidate John Fetterman and…


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  1. Of course they cheated.
    Praying to God on our knees that don’t work well any longer did nothing – and the braindead, tell lie vision watching morons here believe every goddamned word out of the stupid box.
    We’re finished with the USA and are looking for nations where our freedom will actually be cherished. Russia is looking better and better from where we are.
    Cannot believe that I am saying that having grown up during the Cold War, but it’s the TRUTH.
    America has fallen and the Qtards just believe either the hopium or the lies – take your pick.
    I’m awake to REALITY now and no one is coming to save us.

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