Is Ron’s Selfish “2024 Dream” Over Before It Ever Got Off The Ground? (

Stay in Florida, Ron. Trust me, this won’t end well for you… Those should be the words that DeSantis supporters tell him, as rumors continue



Posted by Ava Harris

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  1. DeSantis is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is becoming more clear everyday Ron is establishment… backed by Ryan funded by globalist like Ken Fisher.
    The never Trumpers are crazy as hell if they think they are going to take out MAGA. There is no path to victory with the plan these GOP nutjobs have for DeSantis. TRUMP ’24

    • Anyone ruining against President Trump is wrong. He was cheated in 2020 and didn’t get to finish his 4 years. Look at what he accomplished for America and We The People. We need him and his experience to get out of this hell the democrats devils 😈 have done to destroy everything.

    • Dear Patriots – the question is not if DeSantis is a viable alternative to President Trump in 2024, the real question is that there is no one on the political radar screen with a R next to their name (except DT) that is; a) free from the need to raise money to fund their campaign (which comes with strings attached – now you are just a puppet!). Trump has no such encumberments, b) whoever the Republican nominee is, the entire radical leftist demonrat party, the deep-state/administrative state/shadow government, NGO’s, and of course their propaganda arm – the massively corrupt main stream media…..will pull out all the stops to grind them into the dust. However, despite all the combined efforts of the criminal gangster cabal (which would include the RINO’s), and I would venture to guesstimate close to $75-80 million dollars has been spent to destroy him (and his family) since that Billionaire outsider stepped onto the political stage in 2015, by the Grace of God he still stands and is stronger than ever! c) only President Trump has already proven that despite all of the above, during his 1st term on office he exceeded what he promised to accomplish on the campaign trail – who else has ever done that!

      In conclusion – ONLY President Donald Trump despite all his flaws, based on his proven track record while going through Hell on earth can truly bring the full MEGA agenda to fruition. And as an aside bonus – brings down many of the evil American hating corrupt marxist/communist/moeist/lenonists cabal in the process (God willing) (RINO Liz Chaney comes to mind – ha!) We are at WAR for the sole and the future of this great Nation, In my view we are extremely fortunate that President Donald Trump is willing to risk it all for America. It is imperative that all the MAGA Patriotic Republicans out there coalesce behind the proven Gladiator DJT – those that don’t are true RINO’s and should move to the demonrat party where they belong. 2024 may be our last stand – FIGHT PR

  2. 1. Desantis has no plans to run in 2024 and never did ! He has publicly announced that a couple of time ,he has greater things to do in Florida and in his statement he says maybe 2028 . Also, no, Soros does not fund Desantis .media exaggerated a comment from Soros . Like Desantis says dont listen to media they lie and are corrupt and if they are saying he is running then they are only trying to cause conflict .so now its getting closer to elections and Desantis has said nothing and has ignored media on that subject and media needs to come up with some other theories and todays headlines is wolf in sheep conflict . Desantis is a great Gov. Proud to Live in Fl.

    • DeSantis is both visibly smart, an effective politician and has sound principles. No need to denigrate either DeSantis or Trump. They are both players with tough intellects. They are going to be smeared massively by the press, and attacked by federal agencies.

      One of the clarifying factors is that the left, the Deep State, the teachers’ unions, welfare cohort, federally subsidized academia and the propaganda press, are now all joined at the hip to protect the power of our bloated bureaucracy and tyrannical government. This will be a war; and we had better strengthen everyone on our side of the fence. If you believe that DeSantis, or Trump, has some fatal flaw…check out the source before you believe it. We are going to see a massive propaganda war against both of them.

      • I don’t think DC will allow Trump to win, and probably not De Santis either. They have already proven they know how to cheat and seat the candidate of their choice! Does anyone really believe Biden got more votes than any other candidate in history? Well, actually, I guess he did get more votes than any other, but by submitting illegal votes from everywhere! Dems have this mastered! I hate to say it, but there’s a good chance we will not see another Republican POTUS! We are knee deep in Marxism as I write this. The plan from the marxist/communist were delayed four years when Trump won, that’s why they had to destroy him. There elites that are working hard to overturn our country, and Joe Joe is making it easy for them, as he’s in on it as well. China has paid Biden’s untold sums of money, so now Biden owes them…..and they are collecting!!

  3. Desantis is a great Gov. and needs to stay in control of Floridia! Don’t believe the B.S. being put out by the Fake News and their slimy cronies they are just trying to divide the supporters of Pres. Trump and Gov. Desantis! Get Pres. Trump reelected , let him get the clean up going from the mess Biden and gang have caused then hand it off to Desantis in 2028!

      • I don’t understand your comment. If his wife was cured of cancer, I guarantee you, it was God that did it. I am a forever Trumper and God is my Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is my Savior and He is the only One that can cure diseases. As far as DeSantis goes, I know nothing about him because Trump is my president.

  4. DeSantis needs to back off let Trump run…Trump basically got DeSantis elected in FL. The first election DeSantis was so close to the drug addict Gilliam could have lost. He should have some
    Acknowledgment to this and back off.
    2028 is the one he should jump in. Trump will bloody up DeSantis for no reason .

  5. DeSantis is in a good place right now. He could jump in the presidential race, but he maybe doesnt want to split the republican vote. As long as trump is running, its a fools quest to run against him.
    DeSantis can possibly run for Senate but might prefer Florida over DC.

  6. DeSantis should be picked as Trumps VP during the run for the White House. It would be an unbeatable duo . . . Trump would only be eligible for one more term and it would set up DeSantis to
    take over the ticket for the next two terms. This could keep the Republicans in the White House for the next 16 years.

  7. DeSantis should be picked as Trumps VP during the run for the White House. It would be an unbeatable duo . . . Trump would only be eligible for one more term and it would set up DeSantis to
    take over the ticket for the next two terms. This could keep the Republicans in the White House for the next 16 years.

  8. Soros said he supported Desantis in order blow up the Republican Party. From these comments you cann see he’s getting the desired result. Smarten up people. They’re both great candidates.

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