Israel making same mistakes it made before Yom Kippur War (

Opinion: In the past, the Jewish state paid the price for ignoring warning signs; doing so now that terror attacks increase in frequency every day, may again lead to a new reality, one with which we are not equipped to deal.

The Yom Kippur War was fought on October 1973, and to this day it is one of most devastating military conflicts Israel has had to wage in the years of its existence so far. 

The were two missteps by Israel that led to that war.  

3 View galleryWounded IDF troops evacuated from the Sinai front during the Yom Kippur War (Photo: IDF archives)

The first misstep was Israel’s refusal or inability to properly interpret the signs and messages coming out of Egypt and Syria, which could have forewarned Israeli authorities about the coming war. Instead, the officials chose to dismiss them.

The second misstep was the consensus among government and military officials that Arabs have no intentions to attack Israel, which harmed the effectiveness of intelligence gathering prior to the war. 

These two miscalculations together caused the government to misinterpret military intelligence tabled before it, and strengthen the belief that a war would not break out.

It’s hard to tell whether the lessons learned during that war were internalized. It seems that analyzing the situation carefully is a sound strategy even now, in October 2022, as violence and terror attacks in the West Bank increase in frequency every single day.


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