It Looks as if Trump Will Be Arrested Next Week, and That’s Not Even the Worst of It (

It’s an evil move, but it’s also stupid. With his attacks on DeSantis and refusal to stop praising vaccines, Trump was already destroying his chances for 2024.


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  1. They really want a Civil Upheaval – If it were up to me and I were able I would sure as hell give them one. An arrest pm President Trump would be nothing more than an inditement on at least half the country. We all know that is a Marxist Ploy. It infuriates me how they have treated perhaps the greatest President this country has ever had. It infuriates me even more how they have tramped on our Constitution, and the Rights of every citizen under the Bill of Rights. The blood of many have been spilled for nearly 300 years to give us the rights that up till now we have enjoyed. I can only say that if our country wants to remain free then its citizens must be willing to shed their blood in order to protect those rights already won for them. Freedom is never free – that is a lesson we must take to heart. If we allow this tryannical unelected Marxist regime to do this it will be a declared war unon all Americans and Our Constitution.

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