JFK May NOT have been the Womanizer You Were Told. Everything you think you know is a BIG LIE.

By Empower777.com

As you know, there are many secrets and cover- ups surrounding JFK. The CIA are experts at propaganda and cover-ups.

First, JFK, as a teenager, had a best friend. His name was Lem.  Lem was such a good friend that he repeated his senior year in high school, so he and JFK could graduate together.  Now, that’s a friend right? Wait a minute….there is more.

JFK and Lem were inseparable. As young men, they toured Europe together for 2 ½ months. There are hundreds of photos taken of JFK and many of the photos “Lem” was there as well.  As young adult men, they even bought a puppy together. Lem was invited to every holiday dinner.  Wait….there is more.

When JFK became president, Lem was there as well. Lem also lived at the White House and he had his own room – just down the hall of JFK and Jackie’s room.   Wait…..there is more.

Jackie once said, “JFK spends more time in Lem’s room than he does in our room.”  Wait….there is more.   

Lem was a homosexual man.  (photos of JFK and Lem slow dancing together)

All the stories about JFK being a womanizer, were they true?  Or just a cover-up? Was Marilyn Monroe really JFK’s lover?  Or was it a lie? Why was Marilyn Moroe murdered? Was she a spy?

You decide.  

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