Just In Case You’re Confused About What Halloween Is Actually All About, Michael’s Craft Stores Has Created A Satanic Display To Clear Up Your Confusion (www.nowtheendbegins.com)

Living here in Saint Augustine, we have a large Hobby Lobby with an equally large Michael’s Craft Store, and between the two of them, you can get all of your decoration needs, craft supplies and framing done well for fair price. While I prefer Hobby Lobby, I go to Michael’s a fair amount as well. So imagine my shock and surprise when I saw a massive display of the ‘curious arts’ that the devil is known for front and center at Michael’s the other day. The photo at the top of this article is what was waiting there to greet me, it is their Halloween display.

Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver.” Acts 19:19 (KJB)

Now, if you call yourself a Christian and don’t see what all the fuss is about, let me assure you that you’re not a Christian. I didn’t say you weren’t saved, I said you are not a Christian because Halloween is so very obviously satanic. The photo of the Michael’s display, which I have seen with my own eyes and now show to you, is classic satanism, something the book of Acts refers to ‘curious arts’. Halloween is something that no Christian should have any part in, at any time, for any reason other than to wade into the muck to witness the gospel. If you want to hand out candy with gospel tracts to the ‘trick-or-treaters’ who knock on your door, that is absolutely something a Christian should do. But I write this article today thanking Michael’s Stores for putting up this display for all to see what the foundation of Halloween really is, honestly it makes my job of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ a whole lot easier.

Ironically, the book of Revelation shows you a world where for a brief three-and-one-half-year period, the inhabitants of earth get to live Halloween but for real. Revelation shows you the power of darkness, the spirit world, the bottomless pit, the undead zombies that wander the streets, and demonic creatures that are terrifying to even read about. All these things, and much more, will be unloosed upon the earth during the great Tribulation, and then you will have Halloween not just once a year, but every day for one thousand, two hundred and threescore days. Think about what a Halloween party you and your friends will have then. Obviously, no one would want to be subject to any of those things, much less to all of those things. So let me ask you this, Christian, why on earth would you want anything to do with any of that junk here and now?


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