LaRouchePac's Graphic of the British Empire; Note China & Russia Are Not Part of It

The British Empire controls the world via:

#1.  NATO or a World Military created to Keep the United States IN, Russia OUT, and Germany DOWN.

#2.  Dope, Inc. ( LaRouche’s Book Dope, Inc. goes into detail how Dope, Inc. is run laundering money through many Crooked Banks.)

#3.  War Flashpoints:  Ukraine and Iran for Example (Ukraine war was instigated by the British & Americans)

#4.  Note that Russia & China as well as Kazhakstan and Mongolia are in white and not completely dominated by the British.

#5.  The Yellow countries are under the British Empire By Law.

So this is how the British Empire based in the City of London dominates the rest of the World:  Dope, Inc., NATO (for a world military), War Flashpoints, and Directly By Laws Keeping Certain Countries (in Yellow) under the colonization of the British Empire.

Another name for the British Empire is the Anglo-Dutch Empire.  It includes City of London Financial Center which is a City-State along with Wall Street, the Vatican which is a City-State, and Washington D.C. which is the 3rd City-State.  These three City-States have their own laws and jurisdiction.

The British Empire is essentially a Crime Syndicate run by Criminals who have usurped the legitimate Crown of England and the Occupants are descended from Pirates.  They Invade, Kill, Rape and Loot other countries.  The British Empire is anti-humanity and Satanically Evil.



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