Let's be bold and accurate in identifying the enemy.

What is globalism really? 

Globalism is internationalized fascism.  Their goal is global totalitarian, authoritarian government integrated with elites and businesses (stakeholders). 

The World Economic Forum coined the term “Great Reset”, formalizing their intent to dramatically change society globally.   Stakeholders will own and control everything.   The people will own nothing and be happy. 

Their power grab is obvious:  draconian actions for the climate change hoax, anti-scientific global COVID hysteria, masking, shutting down businesses, blocking highly effective, safe, and inexpensive therapeutic COVID treatments, mandating vaccination with ineffective “vaccines” that are highly profitable to Big Pharma and elite bureaucrats, and attempting to seize global power by the WHO.

It’s time to get informed, acknowledge the problem, and accurately fight globalists as the fascists they are. 



Written by Marvin Mathiak

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