MIRACLE or MONSTROSITY? Israeli firm to create human embryos to harvest organs (hotair.com)

Miracle or monstrosity?

Last month we looked at the work of a research group from the University of Cambridge who have been creating mouse embryos that are grown from stem cells rather than sperm and eggs. The embryos possess small brains, beating hearts, and other organs. While this is fascinating research that presents opportunities in the medical field, particularly for organ transplants, I raised a number of obvious ethical questions. Doing this with mice is one thing, but obviously, this research is heading toward trying something similar with human organs. Well, as the saying goes, that didn’t take long. Someone is already on the path to creating human embryos in this fashion. I’d assumed it would likely be someone in China, but to my surprise, it turned out to be a biotech firm in Israel. Renewal Bio is in the process of developing human embryos from stem cells and using “artificial womb technology” to grow them. And the stem cells have already produced beating hearts, intestinal tracts, and yes… brains. (CBN.com)


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