Who Was the Zodiac Killer & What Was the Phoenix Program in Vietnam?

In short, Bill Colby, CIA Director ran the Torture, Rape, & Murder Program (Phoenix Program) in Vietnam.

Bill Colby also admitted to his underling that he was the Zodiac Killer.

Bill Colby was later found suspiciously drowned in a lake next to his cabin.  Bill Colby was ordered Murdered.  When he was murdered an MKULTRA was ordered to murder him and the Military Intelligence Handler was there to oversee Colby’s murder as well as another man Mark Philips-handler of Cathy O’Brien.

No description available.Bill Colby, ex CIA director found drowned in the lake next to his cabin.



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  1. This is classified information as MKULTRA is a highly classified subject. All MKULTRA’s are classified as well as the assassinations they are ordered to do. An MKULTRA is created via torture,drugging and hypnosis. All MKULTRA’s are rigidly controlled and Heavily mind controlled by the CIA and military Intelligence. Our presidents all know about MKULTRA’s and use them. They are often used to assassinate Foreign Leaders.

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