More Alarming Evidence The Globalists War Upon Children Goes Way Beyond 'Mass Murder via Abortion' – Doctors Are Sneaking Up On Kids To Force Vax Them Without Parents Approval (

American & Canadian doctors are CRIMINALS sneaking up on children forcing the COVID mRNA technology gene shot into them without parents permission & even with child objecting; often KILLING them? IMO this is criminal step & evidence by Makis is that in Canada (Trudeau govn) & Alberta Health Services, they are killing our children forcefully! Dr. Makis shares; MATURE Minors

What is a sane parent to do? 

I cannot believe Danielle Smith as Premier of Alberta has signed off on this and if what Makis is saying is 10% true, she must step in and stop this, NOW! She will do the right thing. No child must be given any of these ineffective and ‘shown’ deadly shots without parental consent. Are you people insane in Alberta? No healthy child must get these shots. What the hell is the evidence Alberta has that the rest of the world does not as to the risk in children? The data is clear globally, that healthy children have a near zero risk of severe outcome or death if exposed or infected with COVID. So what is happening here in Alberta? 



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