New York Times goes full Trump Derangement Syndrome (

The title of the April 9 Times Sunday Opinion piece was: “Four Opinion Writers on Trump’s Indictment and ‘the Borderlands of Illegality‘”, but, for purpose of precision, it should have been styled: “Three anti-Trump propagandists and one Never Trumper on the need to keep humiliating the S.O.B.”

The propagandists participating in this anti-Trump exercise were Times Opinion (as propaganda) columnists Lydia Polgreen, Ross Douthat (the Never Trump voice), Carlos Lozada and Michelle Cottle of the Times editorial (as propaganda) board.

Polgreen started the anti-Trump propaganda by expressing surprise (dismay) that the former president had no prior arrests and suggested that was because he “always manag[ed] to wriggle out of trouble.”   Ms. Polgreen thereby suggests that she studied at the Pelosi “guilty unless you prove your innocence” school of law.  Ms. Cottle (sharing Ms. Polgreen’s conclusion) did not think Mr. Trump would end up in prison.   Thereupon, Douthat interjected:  “If we don’t think he’s going to end up in jail for any of these potential prosecutions [sic], then the purpose of a prosecution is a symbolic conviction?”


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