Nothing Left To Fight With: A New Paper Calls Out America’s Shrinking Air Force And Likelihood It Can’t Win Against China (

A U.S. president trumpeting the prowess of the American military is a familiar refrain but a new paper from the Mitchell Institute details an underfunded U.S. Air Force which may not be able to win against China.



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  1. Instead of wasting money on diversity, gender issues and focusing on pronouns and LGBTQ issues all the money and all the branches of our military should be focused on OUR defense. The money we sent to Ukraine should have been spent on rebuilding our air force. Our troops should be better paid too but the Biden administration told them to go on food stamps.

  2. Not very many young men and women interested in serving in a woke military nowadays and I having served 23 years (CWO3-Ret) would definitely not recommend todays military to anyone. When the standards of leadership are the Milley’s and the Austin’s and their minions, the military is not a good place to be.

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