Phone Call Attorney General Office Wont Prosecute Bank Fraud Because Its An HOA Kickback 4 Indiana (

This is evidence that the Indiana Attorney Generals office will not prosecute bank fraud due to it being fraud on an HOA. The government wants homeowners to …

This video will expose the Indiana Attorney Generals office of being complicit to do their job to prosecute Bank Fraud. With over 7 years of experience interracting with the AG office of Indiana, I can tell you that this double talk BS is their way of telling me and the world now that the will not pursue legal action against a property management company that is stealing from the corporation only because the victimi is an HOA (Homeowners Association). Every homeowner in American that lives within a community that is managed by an HOA or Condominium Association should be scared. My lawsuit is being used in cases across American to destroy the lives of innocent homewoners just trying to keep their tiny slice of the American Dream, home ownership!

This is a 30 minute video so if you cannot access it please wait one hour and try again.



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