Pro-life news anchor fired for 'practicing partisan politics' β€” at her church (

An award-winning news director and co-anchor in Nebraska was recently fired from her job after her bosses discovered she had advocated for a pro-life initiative at a her own church.  Earlier this month, Melanie Standiford of Curtis, Nebraska, was fired from her job at NBC affiliate KNOP-TV, a gig she had enjoyed for five years, after executives at parent company Gray Television learned that she had helped collect signatures at St. John’s Lutheran Church and one other church in the hopes of making the small town of Curtis a “sanctuary city for the unborn.”

The ballot initiative in Curtis is part of a larger network of similar initiatives circulating in six small Nebraska towns β€” Arnold, Brady, Curtis, Hershey, Paxton, and Wallace β€” to create a larger safe haven for unborn babies and pregnant women in the western area of the state. The initiatives are largely symbolic, as the closest abortion clinic is hundreds 


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