Right Now with Ann Vandersteel: Durham Report rebukes DOJ, FBI for launching Trump investigation without verified intelligence – Brighteon.TV (www.naturalnews.com)

The Durham Report released on May 15 concluded that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had no verified intelligence when it opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigations on former President Donald Trump.

Ann Vandersteel expounded on this issue during the May 16 episode of her program “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” on Brighteon.TV. She said that the special counsel’s more than 300-page report noted that the FBI and DOJ failed to follow their own standards and uphold strict fidelity to the law. Durham also chided the two agencies for allowing a probe to persist without basis under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), including the surveillance of an American citizen.

According to Vandersteel, Durham described the government’s targeting of Trump as a cultural rot and not merely the work of a “few bad apples.” Col. John Mills, who also made numerous submissions to the Durham Report, was over the moon that the report’s findings became known. (Related: Durham probe ends with another failed conviction as corrupt FBI now appears to be untouchable.)

“This opens the door to many potential criminal and civil lawsuits,” said Mills. He added that a letter by intelligence officials divulged that “there was a number of officials that used their positions although they were retired or out of government.” These officials, according to Mills, used their former positions to hide and disrupt evidence and the investigative process.

Vandersteel also touched on the impending retirement of Gen. Paul Nakasone, director of the National Security Agency and commander of the U.S. Cyber Command. “He’s now retiring out of the blue,” she pointed out before asking Mills if the move had something to do with the Durham Report.

Mills answered in the affirmative, saying he wouldn’t be surprised if that would be the real reason.


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