1. No Advertising/Spamming

It is prohibited to promote products, collect funds, or spam web properties where you have a financial interest. Additionally, do not publish more than 3 posts from the same source in a row. And do not go crazy with posting more than 5 random links in a row. The name of the game is QUALITY, not quantity. Before you post anything scroll down a few pages and ensure you are not doubling up on the same story someone else just posted.

  • Try not to post more than 20 posts per day. This will ensure other members’ posts are not diluted and we can focus on higher-quality content without so much overlapping of duplicated posts. Be respectful to other posts. 
  • The only allowable content is news-related items. Do not post someone’s social media profile, or a company’s profile, and do not solicit subscribers, likes follows etc. In the future, we will have open lobbies for random content but currently, we are 100% news. Or use our Forum to communicate for off-subject content.
  • If the post is not news related we will remove it immediately. If you continue to violate these rules, it could lead to you losing your posting ability. 


Always post the final source link. This means instead of posting a GETTR or Truth post that leads to a Foxnews.com story, post the FoxNews.com link instead which is the end source. 

Do not post links from other aggregator sites like BonginoReport, Populist Press, Etc. Use the final source link that they post instead. We want to minimize the number of clicks it takes to get to an article.


All videos must be posted to the site using the video category and the aforementioned final source link rule applies. For instance, do not post a GETTR,  Truth, Facebook, etc. link to a YouTube video, use the YouTube video link which is the end source and ensure you utilize the video category to upload it.


Do not post more than three meme’s in a row. We do not want to dilute the news aspect of the site.

2. UpVoting

Please vote for as many articles as you possibly can. The more you vote the better our sorting becomes on what’s ‘hot’ and ‘rising’.  An UpVote does not mean you like or love the post or even agree with it, You are giving it a vote of importance so that others can view it later on as it makes it onto our sorted lists. Posting that has minimal votes will not get as many views.

3. High Energy

There is no tolerance for forum sliding, consensus cracking, topic diluting, etc.

4. No Racism

Racist content, such as slurs, non-factual statements, and unfounded bigotry, is not acceptable.

5. No Doxing

Doxxing is not tolerated, including revealing private information about non-public figures, their addresses, phone numbers, etc.

6. Follow the Law

You must adhere to all state and federal laws when posting or commenting.

7. Questions and Concerns

Please direct any questions and concerns regarding moderation to the moderators in private or email us at Ron@TheRonald.win