Satanic Ritual Abuse of Monarch/MKULTRA Slaves by CIA

The CIA works under the oversight of British Intelligence.

They acquire young children from parents willing to sell them or runaways from the streets.  

The Satanic CIA torture children into Dissociation and program the created Alters.  The alters will have be used for Specific Tasks.

It is a highly sophisticated form of SLAVERY.  These Slaves are used in Washington, D.C. to compromise Politicians on Video for the CIA to blackmail.

They are also used as Drug Couriers, Spies, Back Channels with Foreign Diplomats, and MKULTRAs.

MKULTRA means Manufactured Killer Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Required in Assassinations.  It is a miitary Acronym.  Highly Trained MKULTRAs receive Special Ops Training and SEAL training.  Many are also trained in Martial Arts.

The MKULTRAs are used to assassinate anyone the Empire Cabal doesn’t like:  Foreign Leaders, Diplomats, Labor Leaders, Activists, Actors, or any person of Influence they want to be rid of.



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