Noahs Ark — Has it been found? Fun opinion poll

Wouldn’t it be cool if Archeologists found the real Ark of Noah and were allowed to excavate it?

  • Question of

    Has the Ark been found?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not sure. No one does any investigative reports on this stuff…
  • Question of

    Where is it located?

    • Ararat Mtns. Turkey
    • Persia / Iran
    • Babylon / Iraq
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Williamstown, Kentucky
  • Question of

    What would happen if it was announced that the ACTUAL Ark was found by explorers?

    • Snopes would immediately label it FALSE the next day on their site.
    • Google would bury all searches for ARK on their search page.
    • Kardashian would again start trending at number one on the net.
    • Twitter would unleash more ‘Bots on us to hide any attempt at discussion.
    • Heads would explode.


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